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Crumble Wax

How to Use Crumble Wax

One of the many benefits of crumble wax is its versatility. There are a variety of ways to consume crumble including:

Dab it

The most popular way to use crumble is to dab it. Dabbing crumble wax employs the same process as other concentrates: Use your dabber to pick up a small portion of the wax, heat the nail to the proper temperature (lower temperatures help preserve the flavor of cannabis terpenes) and dab away! Keep in mind that crumble’s texture can make it difficult to adhere to the tip of a dabber. If you plan on dabbing crumble wax regularly, you may want to invest in a dabber with a spoon tip.

Alternatively, you can slightly heat your dabber before dipping it into your crumble stash. The crumble will melt slightly and stick to the tip so you can easily apply it to the nail. Keep in mind that dabbing typically promotes extremely strong effects. If this is your first time dabbing, exercise caution and moderation.

Smoke it

While crumble isn’t ideal for smoking on its own, it can be added to dry flower in a bong or bowl to pack a more potent punch into your smoke session. You can also add it to a blunt or joint to enjoy enhanced flavor and effects.

Vape it 

If your vape is designed with the ability to add concentrates, simply add some crumble to the chamber and vape away. Vaping crumble tends to be more efficient than smoking it, and can bring about profound effects, similar to dabbing. Again, practice caution if you are new to using concentrates.

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Also known as honeycomb wax or just crumble, crumble wax is a type of cannabis concentrate that differs greatly from other extract types. While concentrates like shatter have a sticky, stretchy consistency, crumble is as it sounds. It’s dry and it crumbles into a powder with very little effort. This is due to the unique purging method used in the manufacturing process. Crumble wax ranges in color between pale and deep yellow and can reach potency levels of up to 90%. Like all concentrates, a little goes a long way.


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