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Purple Wreck (KING QUAD)


Purple Wreck is a creeper that may take anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes to begin unveiling its effects.  Once adjusted to these effects, though, it’s smooth sailing. Consumers describe a strong feeling of well-being and emotional uplift. Overextended brains are easily distracted from the stresses and preoccupations of the day, suddenly absorbed by more transitory phenomena like bright lights or resonant sounds. Thanks to the Trainwreck in its background, Purple Wreck exerts some sativa mental energy and alertness. This mental stimulation is not especially cerebral, though, and may not be well-suited to complex, work-related tasks. Instead, smokers can enjoy creative liberty, simply able to daydream and bask in this strain’s warm glow. Purple Wreck’s main attraction is its therapeutic body high, which sets in gradually, first sending waves of relaxation through the core and limbs and eventually numbing (and maybe even disorienting) consumers. Any muscular tension may be suddenly relieved, while deep, restorative breathing may come more easily. As the high progresses, this section can become more and more intense. Couchlock and drowsiness are real possibilities under the right circumstances. Because of Purple Wreck’s slow drop in energy levels, it is best reserved for late afternoon to evening use.


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Indica Dominant Hybrid

80% Indica/ 20% Sativa




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