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Pink Astro (KING QUAD)


Creating super strong body effects and a sweet and delicate taste, Pink Astro is a 80/20 indica-dominant hybrid with a little bit of a coy attitude. No one is certain about this strain’s lineage, but it’s widely believed that she’s a descendant of OG Kush. This strain lives up to its name with amazing coloration and a powerful high, and is popular in the Pacific Northwest and Canada.

Pink Asro aims to please when it comes to THC levels. Nugs of this strain are offset by pink pistils and a coating of trichomes that resembles sugar on candy.

Pink Astro brings relaxation with a twist of happy time. Users will find that they are instantly taken to a euphoric headspace, as even the potential of a negative thought is far from the mind.

As the high gets deeper and deeper, you’ll feel light as a feather and wonder how many hours your high will last – hint, the answer is many, many hours. Keep in mind that this strain is known to create munchies.


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80% Indica/ 20% Sativa


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